music video drop: whxami : "tonight"

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A few days before quarantine officially started, Whxami (pronounced "who am i") was getting ready for his first show ever. If that wasn't stressful enough, that show was on the other side of the country in SLC, and the country was already starting to shut down. Whxmi, from Connecticut, and Bearded Legend, from Long Island, both had nonrefundable plane tickets and i was hyped to have them out here, so every decision in the week leading up to Friday, March 13 was being made on an hour to hour basis.

Bearded Legend DM'd me the night before their flight saying "Should we even get on the plane?" At this point nothing had officially been locked down yet, although the rumors were rampant. We decided to pull the trigger and get the boys out here. 

Friday the 13th with Whxami, Bearded Legend, Hxstage, Crooked Clique and Blank Stare was the last show we were able to do before the shit really hit the fan. In the days after the show, we decided to spend the last couple days before the boys flew home shooting photos and music videos. While we were shooting, the streets were eerily empty and silent besides a few stragglers. One dude stopped us and asked our opinion on what was happening, "because we looked like we had level heads", which turned into a 30 minute conversation speculating heavy about both the present and the future. 

This video is the result of a weekend spent not knowing what the fuck the world was going to be like when we woke up the next day. Just by the nature of creating this visual, this song has been the perfect soundtrack to one of the weirdest, worst times of my life. I can't thank Whxami and Bearded Legend enough for coming out here and absolutely killing it in SLC despite the most fucked up circumstances imaginable. 




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  • This song along side most of his other works are perfect providing a outlet for me an ion kno how many other ppl but he his on his way to the top also ion kno how late I am but like.. Fuck brock Hampton?

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