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i was digging through an old instagram account today and came across this piece we made back in 2016. i love this video for a lot of reasons, not the least of which because it's the only edit that has all the cutty spot killer homies in one mix section. brady tweedy, colby park, jon tinsley, rex carrol, and myself smash our way around SLC and Vegas riding non-spot spots, while adrian holds it down on the transitions when he's not getting crusty with us. 

i also think it's hilarious that there's a shot in here of Purgatory bar while it was under construction. we got in and built ramps out of their construction material one sunday and caught a quick wallride clip with the Purgatory logo clearly visible in the background. the spot we were riding is now their little outdoor game area, i think if you look close there's still some tire marks on the bricks lmaoooo. 

i've never cared about making videos to impress bmx riders, i just wanna make interesting shit that makes bmx look as cool to other people as it does to me. we're lucky enough to have a partnership with Cult Crew, so if mobbing around the city on a bike sounds fun, peep and let us know what you need. 






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