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this was the beginning of everything. at this point adrian and i had been riding together and shooting photos/putting out videos for a couple years and i think we were just bored. everything that was coming out looked and felt the same, videos had absolutely insane riding but some of the most sterile filming and editing and nothing was catching my eye from an artistic or cultural standpoint.

 at the same time that adrian and i were stacking clips for an unspecified bmx project, eyunn and i had been working on a short conceptual horror piece about someone in isolation slowly losing their mind. at this point i had essentially stopped worrying about making a “career” out of shooting bmx or being a filmmaker and decided to just do whatever seemed cool. combining the two projects into one idea and using a soundtrack of underground rap remixes + The Ring inspired b roll along with our riding footage was absolutely NOT well received within bmx at the time. exactly what i expected to happen happened; the traditional trail rider / skatepark dudes shit all over this and pretty much none of the “legendary” street dudes in SLC even acknowledged that it existed. but that was never the point. the point was to make exactly what WE wanted, to represent BMX the way that WE saw and experienced it. this is not a family sport, nobody is cheering for us, nobody is handing out medals. 

bmx is whatever you want it to be, but our version of bmx is raw and dirty and exists in the empty spaces between tall buildings, we are quick shadows on black bikes making performance art out of urban planning. get with it or get out of the way 


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